Welcome to the Rudolf Steiner School in Remscheid

Approximately 420 pupils attend our school, entering the school at the age of 6 or 7  in Class 1 and leaving in Class 13 with the German school leaving certificate qualification.  This qualification is comparable to A’ levels in the UK and High School Graduation in the US.

The Rudolf Steiner School Remscheid is one of 1027 Steiner schools worldwide spread across 65 countries. Our school is self-administered which is a characteristic of our school system.

The teaching methods at our school focus on project work and interactive teaching practice.  This focus on project work is typical for the philosophy of our school and we thereby aim to guide pupils and help them to become socially and economically responsible citizens.

In addition to this, our Main Lessons cover the subjects of language – reading and writing, mathematics, geography and history – both regional and global, and science.  The Main Lessons are taught individually in three or four week blocks. 


You will find here a film about our school. Finja Wölfinger has professionally documented  the lessons, the autumn bazar and the traditional ceremony (Monatsfeier).

Pupils and parents have been interviewed. The nice landscape of the school and the outdoor facilities have been filmed.

It is a short film about our school which gives you a bit of an idea what both the school and the environment is like.


We aim to allow each and every child to develop at their own pace. This means that our pupils do not repeat a class, as is usual in Germany, if their performance is deemed to be too poor. At the end of every school year each pupil receives a detailed written school report in which the personal and academic development of each individual child is documented.

A substantial part of our curriculum concentrates on foreign languages and cultures. Our pupils begin to learn English in Class 1 and in Class 2 French is introduced into the syllabus. So as to continue and expand this cultural and linguistic experience, our school is able to offer the possibility to take part in an international exchange programme.

We happily welcome foreign students who would like to attend our school and our guest class for three months. As a guest student you would have the opportunity to stay with one of our host families whose children also attend the Rudolf Steiner School in Remscheid.